Digital Signage

Nobody likes to wait. Reduce that perceived waiting time with Digital Signage Solution along with enhancing your brand name and image.

The Digital Signage Solution includes utilizing our Content Management Team & Graphic Designers to update your signage solution in order to help Inform, Educate, Entertain and Promote your products and services provided by your business.

Waiting Room TV

Engage your patients, your customers or your clients with Waiting Room TV from Metro Communications. Offering high-quality content from CBS with no competitor ads, you can reduce patient anxiety, perceived client wait times and unwanted wait room disruptions by keeping your patients, customers and clients entertained and engaged.

Menu Boards

Captivate your customers and reduce perceived wait times with Digital Menu Boards. An online portal allows you to quickly manage content with a few simple clicks. Improve menu visibility, drive sales, and eliminate print costs for greater ROI. The future of customer experience is now.

Commercial Business TV Solutions

Metro Communications offers an entertainment solution by Dish Network Business TV, providing our clients an opportunity to select from the pre-packaged network choices that fit their business needs whether the viewing area is a personal office, bar within a restaurant, or an employee break/lounge room.

Music Video Solutions

Because consumers want to be entertained at all times Metro Communications provides a music video system that satisfies that need with the hottest and greatest hits on-screen.

Metro Communications helps you create the ideal in-store music video experience to enhance the in-store shopping experience. You make a positive, lasting impression on your customers, while building your brand’s image.