Why Metro Communications?

In the communications industry, we’re unique because we’re family owned, which means we’re not part of some giant corporate structure. We know our customers and our marketplace. We have the freedom, flexibility and ingenuity to do what’s right for your project and what’s best for you.

Our technicians who design, install and service your projects, make their careers with us. They work only for us and do not contract with other companies. Each Metro technician is a true professional—certified, insured and bonded in the states where we work, fully trained and experienced in all areas of our work to ensure our clients receive the most comprehensive service, and provided with continuing education to stay knowledgeable on all new systems and products.

Isn’t this what you want? Choose Metro Communications for long-term relationship with an established company free from corporate red tape and interference, highly trained and experienced design, installation and service professionals, and an unsurpassed selection of the latest innovations to enhance and extend your brand.