Commercial Sound System

Music is not only heard, it’s felt! Capturing the emotional power of music is essential to the success of your brand. With a professionally designed Bose and Klipsch sound system, our goal is to provide a dynamic sound experience that leaves a lasting, positive impression with your patrons.

Every room is as unique as the people who will be filling it. Make their experience unforgettable.

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Salons and Spas
  • Retail Shopping or Lifestyle Centers

Drive-Thru Communication

More than half of a Quick Serve Restaurant’s (QSR) business comes through their drive-thru because of the ease and convenience it offers customers.

The Drive-Thru Communication System helps to ensure orders placed at the menu board are clearly received and understood with accuracy between the customer service representative and customer.

  • HD Audio
  • Noise Reduction Technology

Other Drive-Thru Services:

  • Communication System Repair
  • Head-Set Repair
  • Drive-Thru Equipment Maintenance Programs with on-site Technician Service

Sound Masking

Sound masking systems enhance privacy and reduce distractions in virtually any space from small offices to large, multi-floor buildings. Sound masking systems integrate paging and music functionality, making this 3-in-1 system a complete solution for creating better acoustic environments.​


Monitor multiple locations remotely, access via mobile apps, integrate with your POS or upgrade/replace existing camera networks.