Music for Business

The Business Music Service will not only enhance the environment of the common area but also create an experience that is not only heard, but felt!! Why do we do this? We care about your brand name and brand image!!

You will have the opportunity to select from over 200 music styles that are commercial free and language/sexual content censored. Metro Communications is the only Business Music Service provider in the world that censors ALL content for explicit language (excluding the Urban Genre). Even though all our content is language censored (excluding the Urban Genre), we still have the largest digital library in the world which is freshly programmed daily. We also quantum modulate all music styles so that the level of output from one artist to another is consistent which keeps you from constantly adjusting the volume to create a comfortable environment for your patients.

The branding professionals at Metro Communications understands that achieving the right brand voice is essential to your business. Your voice is about more than the spoken work; it conveys a distinct image, energy and style that are crucial in communicating and connecting with your customers. Metro Communications works to understand and capture your brand’s voice to develop a targeted and strategic voice campaign designed to connect directly with your customers and support your other marketing initiatives.​

Messaging On Hold

The on-hold audience makes up the largest captive audience in America. With a carefully crafted mix of music and messages, you can engage your callers, meet their expectations and accomplish your goals.

Music Licensing

Keeping up with complex music licensing requirements is nearly impossible for today’s businesses. But noncompliance means risk of legal action in federal court and potentially costly penalties. At Mood, we not only design and deliver powerful music and music video solutions; we also take care of the licensing, so you can focus on running your business. Here’s a quick primer to help you understand the benefits of strategic licensing and the value of having Mood on your side.​